Scourge: Outbreak - Gallery and announcement

Tragnarion Studios today announced that they plan to release a new third-person shooter later this year for Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and on the Mac. Scourge: Outbreak puts you in control of “Echo Squad” who are a group of marines who aim to take on an power hungry corporation.

There will be four playable characters in the game, each of which have their own plan and will change the way the story progresses. You will be facing up to both alien and human enemies throughout the game as you aim to fulfil your mission.

“You must secure their own double agent who's infiltrated the Corporation and then recover a meteorite fragment that Nogari has used to develop a powerful new energy source, Ambrosia — which has given them global control. In order to succeed in the mission and save the world, players will need to utilize all their skill, firepower and certainly their teammates to the fullest.”

Full Features:

  • Up to 4-player Co-op Campaign with over six hours of gameplay
  • Four playable characters, each with different weapons, handling stats and a distinct combination of special abilities
  • Unique flashbacks per playable character, showing you critical past events that shed a new light on your role in the story
  • XP system which tracks your experience, unlocking powerful gameplay rewards in Campaign and Multiplayer modes
  • Nine weapons, plus multiple variants of each to suit your playing style
  • Up to eight players in death-match, team death-match and capture-the-flag multiplayer versus modes with five action-packed maps
  • 37 Badges to unlock on Mac, and 12 Achievements/Trophies to unlock on 360 and PS3

More information on the game can be found at

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