Screenshot of the upcoming Assassin's Creed game leaks, gives a glimpse at main character

What looks to be the first screenshot of Ubisoft's upcoming Assassin's Creed game has reportedly been leaked. A Reddit post by a now deleted user leaked the image portrayed above, showing what could be the main protagonist assassin on a boat, packing a bow and arrow, as well as a shield on his back.

According to a previous leak reported by WWG, the entry will be titled Assassin's Creed Origins; Eurogamer sources have confirmed the game's name as well as the new leaked image to be legitimate. Eurogamer also claims that the game will be a prequel, and will launch later this year for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

A closer look at the image shows the player is currently on a mission, with the text on the top left corner saying 'Assassinate the Crocodile.' It's unclear if the mission entails killing a bothersome crocodile, or if it's a codename for a human target. The capitalization of the word crocodile seems to suggest the latter.

Below that, the text "Follow Shadya to Khenut's villa" is displayed. It's important to mention that Khenut was an Egyptian Queen, and the Egyptian theme corroborates a rumor that surfaced last year, saying the new game will take place in Egypt.

All in all, it is better to take these leaks with a grain of salt, as nothing has been confirmed by Ubisoft. If an actual reveal is on the horizon, the company will probably host it at E3 this year, which is set to take place in just a few weeks.

Source: Reddit via Eurogamer

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