Sea of Thieves 1.2.1 update has new Cursed Sails skeleton crews to battle and more

The second major content update for Sea of Thieves, Cursed Sails, came ashore last week, introducing fearsome skeleton crews that threaten outposts around the world. A week later, Rare has now pushed out the 1.2.1 update, bringing in fresh skeleton crews for players to fight while also implementing some community requested changes.

These new crews should have different cursed cannonballs in their arsenal compared to the previous trio. Also, the skeleton ship battle spawn times have now been rotated from last week, so any players with fixed playtimes can enjoy the battle in a different region. The timer will rotate once again next week so all pirates get the opportunity experience the three regional encounters.

Several tweaks to the Cursed Sails battles have been made as well, such as increasing the time before loot and resource barrels despawn, giving more time for players to re-enter a battle if they go outside the boundaries or sink, and widening the downtime between skeleton crew battles so players can collect their floating prizes in peace.

Also, the battle music will now be heard from further away, and the water splashing effects will look nicer whenever a skeleton ship breaks through the ocean surface.

Moving on to the 1.2.1 update's list of bug fixes, its highlight is the return of the skeleton fort events, although the disabled Kraken encounter is still being worked on. Here is the full list of fixed and known issues which arrive in addition to several server and crash fixes:

Fixed Issues

  • Skeleton Forts have been re-enabled.
  • Skeletons and animals now spawn as intended.
  • Players fired from cannons will no longer occasionally travel in unintended directions.
  • Firing yourself out of a cannon no longer causes muffled cannon audio to persist.
  • Ship Liveries that change the colour of the ship’s hull now correctly change the colour of the capstan.
  • Alliance join/leave/disband pop-ups now appear even when the player is in the Flag Box menu.
  • The Brigantine’s missing bell has now been found and added.
  • Players speaking to a Gold Hoarder NPC at an Outpost will no longer incorrectly receive "The Hungering DeepBegins" banners.

Known Issues

  • Items placed behind the barrels at the bow of the Brigantine cannot be picked back up.
  • Merchant Alliance crates on board a ship which sinks will not float to the surface and cannot be picked up.

The new update is now available on both Xbox One family of consoles and Windows 10 PCs, with the update weighing in at 1.41GB on the former platforms and 1.09GB on the latter.

The third and final week of the Cursed Sails campaign will go live next week, presenting even more doubloons and commendations to earn. Details on what exactly did last week's major update implement can be found here.

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