Seniors engage in sexting, says AARP

Sending sexually explicit text messages is not limited to unruly teens, according to a new article from the American Association of Retired Persons. The report highlights several individual cases of retirement-age individuals who like to "sext," including Roger, a 59 year old Massachusetts resident who says he has been sending such messages for years.

"I'll say, 'You have an amazing body. You have amazing breasts,'" he’s quoted in the piece. "The next thing you know, you'll get a picture of a breast."

Several factors are weighed on why “baby boomers” and those just reaching retirement age are taking part in the trend. As their children grow into adulthood and their own parents develop health issues with age, retirees are looking for a fast and easy way to relieve stress, the article suggests.

According to Dr. Jonathan Alpert, a psychotherapist and advice columnist based in New York, the lack of face-to-face interaction decreases the risk of feeling judged by the other person.

"Where there's less risk of being critiqued…there's opportunity for greater sexual expression," Alpert says.

Teenagers caught sending such messages are in some cases facing criminal charges for child pornography (Chicago Tribune). But the article suggests the biggest risk to older users is being fooled by false promises and deceptive photos from those they have not met in person.

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