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Steve Jobs says "You won't read for 10 hours"

Any one who has ever watched a Steve Jobs keynote knows that he has impeccable stage presence.  Shortly after the iPad announcement Walt Mossberg was able to land an impromptu interview with Steve Jobs which showed an unusually flustered Steve Jobs. 

The interview, as posted by allthingsd.com, is pasted below and Walt does ask a few tough questions.  When Walt asked about the 10 hour battery life, Steve Jobs responded, “you're not going to read for 10 hours” and that you would eventually just plug the device in.  While true, most people do not read for 10 hours, but anyone who travels across any of the major oceans will tell you that 10 hours of battery life may not cut it for a device being targeted as an eBook reader.   

Walt also asks, among other questions, about the pricing difference between the Kindle store and Apple’s book store.  There are rumors of the prices being as much as $5 higher than Amazon’s to which Jobs replies “publishers are actually withholding books from Amazon because they're not happy” but he does go on to say that prices will be the same; although that doesn’t clear up if Apple will compete at Amazon’s level or if Amazon will raise their price. 

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