Serious Sam II Retail Patch v2.066

2K Games has released the promised new retail patch for Serious Sam II, upgrading the fast-paced first-person shooter sequel by Croteam to version 2.066. This update adds dedicated server support, multiplayer improvements, configuration enhancements, graphics and save/load game tweaks, miscellaneous new features and bug fixes, and other changes as detailed in the accompanying release notes.

Changes in 2.066.00 patch:

  • Added dedicated server support (see DedicatedServer.txt in the patch).

  • Vertical slider next to some lists (e.g. server list) now reacts to mouse clicks and movement.

  • Server list can now be properly used with the mouse.

  • Fixed scrolling of some lists (levels, profiles).

  • Swapped function of up/down arrows in some menu screens.

  • Options boxes (yes/no and similar) now cycle options - selecting the last option and going to the 'next' one will go back to the first option and vice versa.

  • Netricsa icon will no longer appear if subtitles are turned off.

  • Playing with high ping time (>500ms) caused strange things to happen for clients (dying immediately after respawning, being unable to turn off cheats...).

  • Difficulty setting wasn't properly restored when loading a saved game.

  • etc...

View: Release Notes

Download: Serious Sam II Retail Patch v2.066

News source: 3D Gamers

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