Shade (Nefandus): Wrath of Angels shots

In a small mountain village somewhere in Europe, an early evening train unloads its last passenger. A few weeks previously, the local priest notified the Vatican that a miracle had occurred, who responded by dispatching their representative to investigate this incident.

Stepping to the ground, the stranger senses that all doesn't appear to be as it should. Finding the very same priest in a pool of blood, with teeth marks on his neck, even a man under guidance from the Holy Father realises that not all so-called 'miracles' are the work of God.

A mystery older then mankind itself. A secret more frightening than one can imagine is waiting for him. Waiting for YOU. Ingenious storytelling lets you uncover the truth about the horrors slumbering within mother Earth, waiting for the moment to send its servants to unleash hell.

  • 3D action adventure in a 3rd person mode.
  • Cinematic storytelling spiced with thrilling atmosphere.
  • Long journey of destiny through present, medieval and mystery world of Shadows.
  • Real weaponry, unreal enemies
  • Use your brain. Guns are just for surviving.
  • Smart and original 3D engine, with maximum support for advanced 3D-card technology.
  • More than 50 huge levels including an abandon village, a military base with secret labs, a besieged medieval town, a templar stronghold, a diabolists tower, cursed mines and strange worlds beyond your wildest imagination.
  • A story millions years untold, finds you as a loyal friend who live it´s terror with joy.
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