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Realms Deep 2023: Where and when to watch the 3D Realms "boomer shooter" event today

realms deep 2023

There's been a number of game streaming events this year, from Summer Game Fest Live to Gamescom Opening Night Live, to Microsoft's Xbox Games Showcase, THQ Nordic's Digital Showcase, and many more.

However, one of our favorite video game announcement events is coming up in just a few short hours. It's called Realms Deep, and will have a lot of new announcements and reveals surrounding the so-called "boomer shooter" types of games, along with other genres of games as well.

Here's the info on Realms Deep, including when and where to watch and what you can expect to see during the event.

What is Realms Deep 2023

Realms Deep is the game streaming event that's primarily run by 3D Realms, the publisher that's best known for releasing most of the Duke Nukem games, and now, with new owners, indie-based shooters like Ion Fury and other upcoming games. This will be the fourth straight year for the Realms Deep event. Here's how the company describes the event:

Realms Deep 2023 is a single-day broadcast highlighting exciting action-packed games—from hardcore shooters to RTS, horror games, and RPGs—featuring updates from 3D Realms’ upcoming slate of projects, as well as news, premieres, interviews, and more from notable publishers and developers around the world.

When and where can I stream Realms Deep 2023:

The event goes live today, September 30, starting at 2 pm Eastern time (11 am Pacific time). You will be able to stream it on 3D Realms' YouTube and Twitch channels. Your favorite game streamer might be streaming and reacting to the event as well.

What can I expect to see at Realms Deep 2023?

This streaming event is devoted to indie games in general, and in particular to the "boomer shooter" games. These are new first-person shooter games made by indie teams. Many of them use older engines like ones created for the original Doom and Quake games, along with the Build engine used in Duke Nukem 3D and Blood.

3D Realms says it will show updates on many of its upcoming games such as the "RTS Tempest Rising, action-adventure FPS Phantom Fury, immersive sim Core Decay, sci-fi horror FPS RIPOUT, dark-fantasy FPS GRAVEN, dieselpunk action-rpg Combustion, Ion Fury’s Aftershock expansion, and maybe even an exciting surprise or two."

Other publishers and developers will be showing new trailers and revealing new games during the event. They will include New Blood Interactive, Running With Scissors, Slipgate Ironworks, HYPERSTRANGE, Dread XP, Hellforge Studios, Fulqrum, Retrovibe, THQ Nordic, Prismatika Games and others.

Previous Realms Deep events have also featured in-depth chats with many of the developers behind these games. You should also expect to see the event take some humorous turns, and there may also be some giveaways to the people watching the event live.

Finally, Valve's Steam service is holding a Realms Deep sales event, with discounts on a number of titles related to 3D Realms.

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