Shattered dreams: Super NES Classic Edition will not use original controller ports

Earlier this week, Nintendo dropped a bombshell when it announced that it would be releasing the Super NES Classic Edition packed with 21 games. While the majority of us will still have to wait a few more months until it arrives in September, it looks like a lucky few got to experience the device ahead of time.

According to the folks at Polygon who got to take a closer look, the device will be similar in size to the NES Classic Edition that was released last winter. Much like the original SNES, the miniaturized version will have working 'power' and 'reset' toggles that will function just like the original. Unlike the previous Classic Edition release, the length of the controller cord has been extended, coming in at around five feet.

Lastly, and the most heartbreaking part of the experience, the team found that the front facing controller ports on the units are just decorative. Instead, users will flip down the controller ports to reveal the Wii controller ports, which were also found on last year's NES Classic Edition. Naturally, because of this, you will still be able to use the Classic Controller and Classic Controller Pro.

Sadly, nothing about the software was shown or explained, which means that we won't be able to get the full scoop on the unit until sometime later. The Super NES Classic Edition will arrive to US retailers on September 29.

Source: Polygon

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