Sins of a Solar Empire nears gold

Sins of a Solar Empire, the upcoming strategy game that combines real-time strategy with 4X depth is heading towards going gold.

Sins has been described as a cross between Homeworld and Civilization. As a game, Sins adds a number of innovative features to the strategy game genre such as being able to save multiplayer games in progress, the empire tree to greatly reduce micro management, and diplomacy, trade, and other features rarely seen in real-time strategy games.

Developer IronClad has indicated that the strategy game should be going gold in the next week. A number of new previews have gone up on IGN, GameSpy, etc. and Sins has been listed as one of the most anticipated games of 2008 from a number of sources.

View: Sins of a Solar Empire at IGN
View: Sins of a Solar Empire at GameSpy

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