Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion Unveiled at GDC 2011

A new full-fledged expansion to the award-winning Sins of a Solar Empire was announced today at the Games Developer Conference 2011 being held in San Francisco.  This expansion will add new factions, new ships, new victory conditions, and much more!

"Rebellion is the first stand-alone expansion to the Sins of a Solar Empire universe," said Brian Clair, director of publishing for Stardock. "Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion will add many new ships, refresh the visuals and integrate Impulse::Reactor features to support achievements, multiplayer leagues and much more."

Some new features for Rebellion include:

  • New Factions: Players decide whether to become Loyalists or Rebels, which unlocks a unique new tech tree granting them new technologies and ship variants.
  • New Titan-class ships:  Massive warships for each race that dwarf capital ships, these deadly new monsters are capable of wiping out entire enemy fleets single-handedly.
  • New Capital Ships:  A new capital ship class arrives, giving players new strategic options.
  • New Corvette-class ships:  Small, highly maneuverable light ships that are adept at a variety of tasks.
  • Loyalist and Rebel versions of some of the existing Sins' frigates and cruisers, each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses.
  • Updated lighting and particle effects for enhanced visuals.
  • New Victory Conditions to allow for more variety, differing strategies and shorter game sessions.
  • Additional capital ship ability levels, for greater strategic choice.
  • Impulse::Reactor support for chat, friends, achievements and more.

More information about Sins of a Solar Empire can be found at

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