Sins of a Solar Empire: Trinity v1.2 Update

Ironclad Games and Stardock Entertainment are excited to launch the latest update for the award-winning Sins of a Solar Empire: Trinity.  Trinity is a bundle with the original Sins game along with the two micro-expansions, Entrenchment and Diplomacy.  Sins has been awarded dozens of Real-Time Strategy Game of the Year accolades as well as the overall PC Game of the Year award from  This update contains a huge changelog, but some of the improvements are to the Pirate system, gameplay balance, engine improvements, and more.

Other items include:

  • The Pirates system has been completely overhauled with this update. Rather than relying on random upgrades which could result in a huge power curve, the Pirates will now scale gradually in abilities, fleet size and power as a game progresses.
  • The size of the Pirate fleet is now based off of the current raid level (Low, Guarded, Elevated, High, Highest) and there are now preset fleet compositions for each.
  • The game engine has been updated in order to free up more texture memory. Players should generally use no more than 1.3 GB of RAM on Huge maps with all races represented now.
  • Raider Xenophobia: Tech moved to level 5; reduced from 2 upgrade levels to 1; will now reduce the Pirate fleet size sent against the player by 1 level (i.e., an Elevated level fleet size becomes a Guarded level fleet).

The entire list is too long to post here, but can be viewed here.  Current players can find and download the update via Impulse.  

Sins of a Solar Empire: Trinity can be purchased here.

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