Skype is rolling out new seasonal Valentine's Day features

Microsoft today announced some fun new features that are coming to Skype for Valentine's Day. The company teamed up with Rogue Octopus, which is an agency that works with rising artists, to bring new Mojis, which are short video clips that you can message to people on the service.

According to Microsoft, "Each Moji follows our two characters through different stages of love and is accompanied by an existing track from one of Rogue Octopus’s talent artists." You can find them by clicking on the red heart in the picker, although they haven't rolled out to everyone just yet.

There are also some new Valentine's Day-themed emoticons as well, such as a cactus that's holding a heart-shaped balloon that's terrified to meet his demise at the hands of the cactus. Indeed, the most heartbreaking love story is when two...entities cannot touch.

There are also Virtual Valentine messages. These will allow you to record a video message with floating hearts, similar to the holiday-themed one from back in December.

Virtual Valentine messages are coming soon, but the new Mojis and emoticons are rolling out today. Microsoft adds that if you want to get the most out of Skype, you should be using the latest version on "Windows desktop, Mac, iPhone, iPad, or Android."

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