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Small ISP to offer 1 Gbps broadband service for $70

Who wouldn't want to have an Internet connection to the home that's not just faster than nearly any other service you can get but also reasonably priced to boot? A small California-based ISP called Sonic.net is preparing to do just that for its customers in the town of Sebastopol. Ars Technica reports that the company will soon complete work on a pilot program that will offer some of  that town's residents with speeds up to 1 Gbps for the price of just $70 a month.

According to the story, this trial program will be made available in 700 homes in the town of Sebastopol when it is completed. If this pilot program works, Sonic.net plans to expand it to other parts of its region. Home phone service is also a part of the cheap $70 deal. Sonic.net has some teamed up with Google to run the 1 Gbps Internet network that will give 800 faculty homes at Stanford University super fast net access. Google is also helping to launch a 1 Gbps net service in Kansas City that is expected to go live in 2012.

This kind of low pricing for high Internet speeds has the ability to shake up the market. Companies like Comcast, Time Warner and others don't offer its customers nearly that kind of speed and their current highest speeds are not only are more expensive than Sonic.net's $70 a month deal, but many of them also have broadband net caps.

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