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So it begins: Microsoft starts showing full-screen ads about the end of Windows 10 support

A black-and-white stock Windows 10 walppaper with a shutting down script on it

We are about 18 months away from the end of mainstream Windows 10 support, but Microsoft thinks it is time to start nagging warning Windows 10 users about the inevitable. Users on Reddit report spotting a new full-screen ad with a notification that Windows 10 is about to reach its end of life in October 2025, even though it is still getting new features (there are even rumors about Microsoft re-opening the Windows Insider Program for Windows 10).

There is no escape from Microsoft's latest ad, even for those using PCs that technically do not support Windows 11. It seems that the new banner is specifically designed and targeted for Windows 10 customers who cannot upgrade due to Windows 11's steep hardware requirements. It thanks Windows 10 users for their loyalty and suggests learning more about the end of Windows 10 support and the benefits of Windows 11.

A new journey with Windows

We want to thank you for your loyalty as a Windows 10 customer. As end of support for Windows 10 approaches, we're here to support you on your PC journey.

Your PC is not eligible to upgrade to Windows 11, but it will continue to receive Windows 10 fixes and security updates until support ends on October 14, 2025.

A Windows 11 ad in Windows 10

Typically, there is no apparent decline button: you can either postpone the ad or click "Learn more."

Still, it is worth noting that Microsoft should warn Windows 10 users about the upcoming end of support, considering the operating system's massive market share. It is just a bit odd to see Microsoft starting the campaign this early and without a single word about the ability to pay for the Extended Security Program, which, this time, also applies to regular consumers, not just commercial users.

With that said, Microsoft has yet to announce the ESU policies for home users, so we will most likely see a few more iterations of this banner. The approach itself is not new—Microsoft used the same tactic with Windows 7 before it reached the end of mainstream support in early 2020.

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