Some shoppers banned from Amazon for returning items too often

If you're in the habit of returning items to Amazon oftentimes, you might want to think twice before sending back your order to the online retail giant as some shoppers have apparently been banned from the site for making too many returns.

According to a new report from The Wall Street Journal, Amazon closed the account of one customer in March last year for allegedly breaking its terms of use, without specifying what exactly was the violation until a customer service representative pointed to his return activity. The ban meant an individual can no longer "open a new account or use another account to place orders on our site,” Amazon told the customer in an email.

Another shopper also saw her account terminated earlier this month for having "reported an unusual number of problems” with the items she purchased from Amazon, WSJ reported.

Amazon has been keeping its free return policy for a number of its items over the last couple of years. However, its return policy statement does not explicitly say that returning too many items may lead to account termination, though it does tell customers that Amazon reserves the right to terminate accounts at the company's discretion.

It's not clear at present how many customers have been banned from Amazon due to their return activity. Reasons for terminating an account may vary, including requesting refunds too often, returning the wrong item, or writing product reviews for pay, according to former managers at the company.

Source: The Wall Street Journal | Image via Executive Grapevine

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