Some Xbox Live services are down, Microsoft promises to resolve issues

Xbox Live, the network that powers most of the infrastructure underlying almost all online activities on the Xbox - from purchasing titles to playing multiplayer games - is currently experiencing some issues. The Xbox One, Xbox 360, and the newly released Xbox One X are all affected.

The outage may prevent you from accessing many of the capabilities you'd normally expect to, with the Xbox Live status page on Microsoft's support site indicating that Purchase and Content Usage and TV, Music, and Video have limited connectivity. Core Services were experiencing issues earlier but seem to have been fixed at the time of writing.

Some games, like Fortnite and Rainbow Six Siege, alongside various other Ubisoft titles, were also experiencing issues earlier in the day, but things appear to have improved in the last hour or so, with Ubisoft's Twitter page showing users finally able to log in to their accounts.

Microsoft has also issued a statement acknowledging the problems and promised they are working on a fix:

The company didn't provide an ETA for when things will be back to normal, though given access to multiplayer titles is already improving, it's likely the connectivity issues will be resolved in their entirety soon.

Source: Microsoft (Twitter) via Gamespot

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