Sony trumpets PSP software support, but what of Hollywood?

Publishers are lining up to develop for the PSP - but can Sony get movies and music onto its latest wunderkind?

Impressive specifications are one thing, but Sony's PlayStation Portable launch also put a strong emphasis on the wide range of developers working on the handheld; what about the movies and music aspects of UMD, however? There's strength in numbers when it comes to software support, at least as far as Sony is concerned, and a huge list of some 99 developers and publishers was rolled out to demonstrate just how many companies are scrambling to support the forthcoming portable.

Admittedly the list cheated a bit - we counted Konami on it five times, with each of the company's development subsidiaries listed - but it's an impressive cross-section of the games industry regardless, and many of those studios are bringing major franchises to the PSP early in the console's lifespan.

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