Sony will issue either $25 cash or a $50 credit if you bought your PS Vita before June 2012

In November, the Federal Trade Commission found that Sony Computer Entertainment America deceived PS Vita owners with misleading ads when the console initially launched. Luckily, a site has been launched that will allow those eligible to claim their settlement.

Due to the findings of the FTC, SCEA has now started the process of issuing refunds to eligible customers. Although this settlement is not available for all PS Vita owners, it will apply to those that purchased the handheld console before June of 2012.

For early adopters of the PS Vita, you will be eligible to receive either $25 dollars via a check or a $25 credit to their PlayStation Network account. Sony is also offering another option that will net you a $50 merchandise credit. Naturally, your choice will depend on which option you find more valuable. While you might want to take some time to decide, be sure to file your claim by June 29th, 2015. This is when the deadline for the settlement will close.

Source: FTC via Engadget

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