Sony's PlayStation 4 to go on sale in China on January 11

Sony has confirmed that its PlayStation 4 console will finally go on sale in China next month, slightly later than expected. Sony said back in May that it was planning to launch the PS4 there, and many had believed that it would do so before the end of 2014.

A Sony executive told Reuters today that the PS4 will go on sale in China on January 11, 2015, with a price tag of 2,899 CNY ($468 USD). Its launch will come three and a half months after Microsoft's Xbox One went on sale there, following China's decision to lift a 14-year ban on games consoles in the country.

The PS4's launch price will be much lower - 22% lower, in fact - than that of the Xbox One, which launched in China at the end of September priced at 3,699 CNY (just under $600) for the basic non-Kinect model; and 4,299 CNY (almost $700) for the version that includes the Kinect sensor.

Like Microsoft, Sony will face close scrutiny from Chinese authorities, with state censorship laws affecting the range of games that the company will be able to sell there. The Xbox One went on sale in the country with just ten 'non-violent' games available.

Source: Reuters | image via Sony

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