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SOPA supporters list updated, GoDaddy not included

Last week, the US Congress House Judiciary Committee released their list of companies who support the Stop Online Piracy Act. Until that point we had a growing list of companies like TwitterRedditKaspersky, Mozilla, Wikipedia and Google who gave their opinion as to the problems SOPA would present to the Internet, but no clear idea of who was actually supporting it.

One company though drew the ire of the Internet community for their support, domain registrar and web host, GoDaddy.

Thanks to an online boycott, which has led to the departure of nearly 30,000 domains per day, GoDaddy has since reversed their position on the bill. But the reversal has not stopped people from moving their domains to other providers. In fact, people were doing so in such huge numbers that GoDaddy's systems seemed to think that legitmate transfer requests were actually people abusing their lookup system, preventing some people from moving to providers like Namecheap.

Many have seen GoDaddy's reversed position as just paying lip service to the Internet community backlash, but either way, they are now officially no longer listed as a supporter in the records of the US Congress. Today, the House Judiciary Committee released reduced version of their list. The list is down from four pages to three, as it also no longer includes many of the law firms who had reviewed the law but were not officially endorsing it, but that the committee included, something else the list was critized for outside of the technology community.

Even with GoDaddy officially off the list, the migration of domains to other providers will probably continue. It also remains to be seen which company will be the next target of backlash.

Updated SOPA Supporters

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