Source claims new iPad Mini could have Retina Display (with a twist)

The first-generation iPad Mini was always going to be a tough act to follow, with the smaller form factor finding plenty of fans since its release in November 2012. There have been a multitude of different claims about the second-generation model, but the display has been the most highly valued element. Will it have Apple’s hallowed Retina Display?

Now, another source has told the Wall Street Journal that the second Mini will have Retina Display… thanks to Samsung. Bet you didn’t see this twist coming, huh? At the same time we shouldn’t be too surprised, given that Samsung is a manufacturing powerhouse.

Then there’s the higher resolution of the 2013 Nexus 7 as well; the tablet arms race is definitely pointing to smaller, higher-res displays for now. Unfortunately for Apple, Samsung might be the only company with the gear to make displays in sufficient volume.

TechRadar reports that Apple had wanted to use Sharp and LG produced displays over Samsung’s, though the risk of supply not meeting demand has proven too great. With Samsung-Apple relations not fantastic, it’s interesting that they continue to rely on each other.

Source: TechRadar & WSJ

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