Special Raspberry Pi version of Minecraft announced

Minecraft is a huge hit on the PC, Xbox 360, iOS and Android platforms. Now Mojang, the development team behind the sandbox game, has announced that it will develop a version of the game that will run on the Linux-based Raspberry Pi PC.

A quick reminder: The Raspberry Pi is a bare bones PC that is currently being sold for $35 (a $25 version is also in the works). The Mojang blog has posted up the first details about the version of Minecraft that it is being created for the small PC.

The blog states that the actual game is based on the Pocket Edition of Minecraft, but with some new features and support for multiple programming languages. The blog adds:

The possibilities are massive. You could organize the cheapest LAN party of all time, or use the Pi to learn the fundamentals of programming on a miniscule budget. It’s like hacking your way into Minecraft and modifying the game world with code, a bit like being Notch, Jeb, or Nathan, but arguably more fun and less stressful.

The best part? The Minecraft: Pi Edition will be free to download for Raspberry Pi owners. A specific release date was not announced.

Source: Mojang | Image via Mojang

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