Spotify's free time period is almost over for some users

On July 14, the music streaming service Spotify finally launched in the US after some success in Europe. One of the service's biggest attractions for users is that Spotify lets people listen to an unlimited amount of music via their PC or Mac for free for their first six months of membership. Now, as Business Insider reports, the people who first started with Spotify in the US will soon find that the free music stream is about to be cut drastically down.

Under the terms of Spofity's agreement with new US subscribers, the folks that signed up at launch will soon find that the free music streaming service will be cut down from the current unlimited plan to just 10 hours a month on the PC and Mac. Not only that, but users will also only be able to listen to a single music track no more than five times per month once the free six month period ends.

People who want to continue to stream as much music as they want on Spotify can still pay $4.99 a month for that privilege. People who also want to stream music via mobile apps for the iPhone and Android can pay $9.99 a month. It will be interesting to see how many people who enjoyed the free unlimited music on Spotify will continue to do so under the paid subscription service plan

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