Rumor: Next Xbox to beat next Playstation to market?

Microsoft's next generation version of its Xbox console could beat Sony's next Playstation console to stores. At least that's the new rumor that's being reported by Computer and Video Games.  The report is based on stories that have been written for the new print editions of the UK based magazines Xbox World and PSM3.

The stories claim that Microsoft will be first out of the gate with its next generation version of the Xbox. It also claims that the console's target launch date has been set for sometime in late 2013. The report adds that the launch of Microsoft's next console hardware system will be ahead of Sony's by a matter of months but there's no word on a more specific launch date for Sony's game console.

The stories also claim that the next version of the Playstation console has hardware specs that are, at least at the moment, looking to be "more powerful" than those of the next Xbox console. The stories, which use unnamed game developer sources, don't go into any details on what kind of hardware will be inside either console, other than the next Xbox will have a PowerPC-designed processor and have Kinect support out of the box.

However, if Microsoft is able to get its new console out first and if its hardware specs are close to that of Sony's next game console, it could be an interesting fight between the two companies to see which one comes out on top in the next-generation console war. At the moment no one seems to think that Nintendo's Wii U console, which is due to be released sometime before the end of 2012, will be a huge threat to Sony and Microsoft.

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