Sprint pushes iPad "4G case," tries to capitalize on iPad

The launch of the wifi-only iPad had many contemplating whether they should pick it up right away, or wait for the 3G enabled version. The 3G version, despite worry that it will slip into May, is still slated to ship later this month, but there are already at least 500,000 WiFi-only models in the hands of consumers.

Sprint, in an attempt to capitalize on those who want internet access on their iPads outside of WiFi areas, is presenting its Overdrive 4G WiFi hotspot as a solution to this issue. Their recent ads for the Overdrive have featured the iPhone, and now they are taking things one step further through a partnership with Best Buy. If you buy an Overdrive device at Best Buy, you will now receive a free iPad case that features a pocket for the Overdrive.

This may seem like a strange move on Sprint’s part, but it could prove to be a viable choice. Although having a 3G iPad simplifies matters since you only need one device, it will cost an extra $130 on top of the wifi-only version, and Sprint’s 4G device could potentially provide a fast browsing experience. 3G radios are also known to be quite a drain on battery life, so the amazing “10 hours” could drop to something not quite as amazing.


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