StoreDot unveils 'flash-battery' capable of charging devices in just 30 seconds

For years, battery life has been the bane of a smartphone user's existence. Lithium-ion batteries are notoriously inefficient, and frequent device use often leads to a decay of battery life over time. Nanotechnology company StoreDot is looking to change that: Today, they unveiled a new 'flash-battery' capable of charging a device to full capacity in just 30 seconds. 

The battery was showcased at Microsoft's Think Next symposium, a future tech conference held in Tel Aviv, Israel. StoreDot demonstrated their battery by placing it on a nearly-dead Samsung Galaxy S3 and letting it work its magic. As claimed, the battery went from 27% to 100% in just 26 seconds -- an increase of nearly 41,500% compared to a regular Galaxy S3 battery, which may take up to three hours to fully charge.

StoreDot's major selling point, however, is environmental friendliness. The battery is derived entirely from bio-organic materials including nanocrystals made from peptides and chains of amino acids. These have the potential to be much safer than today's batteries, which are primarily composed of heavy metals like cadmium or lithium. According to StoreDot, these organically-derived compounds will allow the company to easily synthesize new nanomaterials that can be used in a wide variety of applications.

The technology may be limited at current, but there's a huge potential for future development and commercialization. According to StoreDot, manufacturing the nanocrystals which will go into their battery is inexpensive and fast. With a heavy focus on consumer technology, we could see similar products hit store shelves in the not-so-distant future.

You can view the fast-charging battery in action below:

Source: Press release | Image via StoreDot

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