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Surface Pro and Surface Laptop teardowns reveal they're nearly impossible to repair

Microsoft introduced the Surface Laptop and Surface Pro at separate events last month. While they are both beautiful devices, they are also constructed using many custom parts, which could make it difficult to repair. Per usual, iFixit has taken it upon itself to dismantle and discover just how tough it is to fix both of these units and has documented the process.

When the Surface Laptop was introduced, Microsoft put a lot of emphasis on the design and how the use of metal, cloth, and glass all worked together to try and bring a unique experience. But, with this experience, there is the downside of having a computer that is near impossible to repair.

In the case of the Surface Laptop, that seems to be exactly the case earning a repairability score of zero. Since the device is not meant to be opened or repaired, it required the folks from iFixit to cut the Signature Alcantara material-covered keyboard to access the internals of the device. Once in, the main components like CPU and RAM are soldered to the motherboard, making replacing the parts impossible. iFixit notes that it is extremely difficult to poke around the insides without damaging the product.

As for the Surface Pro, it looks to offer a similar build to the Surface Pro 4 and just requires the screen to be popped off in order to access the internal components. While this may sound like a simple task, the connections involved, make opening the device difficult. Since the Surface Pro is in such a svelte body, there is a lot of adhesive that is found that keeps things in place. But, even getting over the hurdle of removing the display does not ensure victory, as a majority of the parts are custom built for the application.

While you probably will never experience the process of dismantling it yourself, it is good to know that you can always experience the magic by visiting the iFixit website, where the firm has sacrificed a device and taken the time to break down the Surface Laptop and Surface Pro.

Source: iFixit 1, 2

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