Surface Pro gets autopsied, don't even think about trying to repair it


The lust for smaller, faster and sleeker devices comes with one, major, drawback. If you purchased a Surface Pro and happen to have a part fail out of warranty and hope to fix it yourself, be prepared for some serious frustration.

The crew over at iFixit has taken the Surface Pro and performed their work on the device and has splayed it for all of us to see. The bad news is the Surface Pro was given an overall "repairability" rating of 1 out of 10, as it said the device would be very difficult to repair. The Surface with Windows RT, by comparison, was given a 4 out of 10 repairability rating and the most recent iteration of Apple's iPad was given a 2 out of 10 repairability rating.

The Surface Pro has over 90 screws holding the machine together (which iFixit called "a tad crazy"), but the good news is that the battery is replaceable and so is the SSD but opening the machine up to do this is a difficult chore. And finally, iFixit says that unless you open the tablet exactly as Microsoft specified, you will likely shear one of the four display cables.

So there you go, hit up the source link to see the entire breakdown, but know that if your device has a component failure, the chances of you being able to successfully fix the issue yourself are quite slim.

While we don’t expect Microsoft to work on improving the design of the device to make it easier for end users to self-repair, considering how hard it is to repair the device, we will be curious how Microsoft plans to fix any devices that are brought in for service.

Source: iFixit via: Engadget | Images via iFixit

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