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Team Fortress 2 Teaser Trailer Released

Thanks to jerry once again for the head's up.

As promised, Valve has released a small teaser trailer for the recently reannounced Team Fortress 2. The trailer, while not very big, truly shows how awesome TF2 will be. When everyone said it had "pixar quality graphics" they weren't kidding. If the gameplay actually looks like that (and there's no reason to doubt that it doesn't) then we are all in for a treat when it comes out later this year. The Pyro alone is worth the price of admission.

Each character exhibits the over the top style we'd expect from a "Pixar" style game. The Soldier banging his own head with a metal object, the Medic with his large plastic gloves, the Sniper with his huge sniper rifle and so on. Graphically, it is very impressive. One can only hope that the trailer is indicative of what the game will really look like, because if it does, wow. Download now, become one with Valve. Don't resist. Steam is your friend.

It runs 1:12 long and weighs in at about 28 megs. And if you don't like it, tough!

Mirrors added as of 1:30PM EST. I will update as needed. Filefront added 2:30PM EST.

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