Techconnect: short nVidia Interview

At the Cebit this year we had a nice conversation with Andrew Humber, PR Manager for nVidia Europe.

Andrew told us a couple of interesing things about the detonator drivers, new upcoming products and more. Click read more to read the story...

On the 17th of March 2003, Techconnect was visiting the Cebit in Hannover, Germany. We talked to a lot of company's like ASUS, MSI, AMD and Lian-Li, but with nVidia we had a very nice conversation relating to the detonator drivers:

When we arrived at the stand of nVidia, we immediatelly asked for the PR Manager from Europe, Andrew Humber. He came down from the stand and we managed to get some details about the upcoming products.

One thing that was on my mind, was to ask Andrew on why websites like Techconnect are NOT allowed to post/mirror any leaked Detonator drivers and the first thing Andrew told me was that the problem for nVidia is that a lot of customers (people with nVidia cards) are calling nVidia with a lot of problems related to some 'new' leaked Detonators on the internet. Andrew actually told us that when a new Detonator drivers is being leaked, they receive so many phone calls at once that it's to much for nVidia to handle. For this reason they want to stop the leaks on the internet.

View: The rest of the nVidia Interview @ Techconnect

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