Teens see Windows 95, react as innocently as you imagine

Fine Bros Entertainment and the React Channel have a combined 19+ million subscribers, but both have been in the news recently for some trivial reasons. This said though, their videos can be entertaining, and reaction videos, while not something that can be patented or copyrighted, are massively popular.

So, let’s talk about one of the most recent Fine Bros reaction videos, Teens React to Windows 95.

Microsoft revolutionised desktop computing with Windows 95 - the Fine Bros even said it themselves in the video. Windows 95 is rough around the edges, or less refined, than say Windows 7 or Windows 10 – the teens said as much themselves in the video. But what is most surprising is the sense of obliviousness some of them display in the video.

But it’s fun to watch the teens react to just how cumbersome computing was in 1995. They struggled to turn it on, baulked at the boot up time, laughed at no Wi-Fi, and were shocked they had to turn it off manually.

However, there are positives we can glean from the footage; how the Start Button was a simple addition that is still in use today, revolutionising the navigation of the OS, and how the familiar look is still there in Windows 10 today.

Some of the more seasoned veterans of computing may laugh at the teens’ cluelessness, and be shocked by their ignorance, but we're going to leave this with a quote from Nora, one of the teens in the video:

A lot of older people will watch this video and say “aw look at this, these people don’t know what Windows is and they’re just too into technology nowadays and they’re too spoiled.” Well I’m sorry, okay, it’s not my fault I was born after this. You probably had this reaction about older computers when this came out.

Just for additional kicks, you can check out Teens React to 90s Internet. Put the two videos together and BOOM, this is the computing we needed to get to where we are today.

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