Tesla 'Standard Connectivity' package to cost $10/month, but after 8 years

Tesla will now ask for $10 per month from its car owners who choose to stick with the “Standard Connectivity” package. The electric car company has been offering the package for free. It appears the company is not asking for a subscription fee for the most basic plan. Moreover, payment will not start for eight years from the time of purchase of the vehicle.

Connectivity is one of the most critical components for any Tesla car owner, and for the company as well. Reliable high-speed connectivity enables several important functions and helps users access the majority of the infotainment features.

Tesla &039Standard Connectivity&039 package will cost 10 per month but after 8 years

Tesla has been offering internet connectivity in all its cars for free. In fact, car owners enjoyed lifetime premium data features, including the ability to stream music and movies, access live security camera feeds, and browse the internet. Not just the car owners, but even Tesla benefitted from this arrangement because it collected data. This data helped the company fine-tune many features, including Autopilot.

Tesla terminated this arrangement in 2018 when it introduced a $10 per month ($99 if paid yearly) Premium Connectivity subscription fee. Those who refused to pay had access to just basic navigation.

Tesla updated its website to specify that Standard Connectivity is included for “eight years”:

Standard Connectivity is included in your vehicle, at no additional cost, for eight years beginning on the first day your vehicle was delivered as new by Tesla, or the first day it is put into service (for example used as a demonstrator or service vehicle), whichever comes first. If you are purchasing a used vehicle, you will be notified of how long your vehicle will include access to Standard Connectivity.

Simply put, Tesla seems to be indicating that customers will have eight years of free access to the basic navigation feature. After the eight-year period, Tesla vehicle owners, still sticking to the Standard Connectivity package, would be transitioned to the Premium Connectivity package.

Via: Electrek

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