Texas Instruments Debuts 'TI-Nspire'

No doubt a lot of you will remember using a TI calculator sometime during your education. Up here in Canada, the majority of schools use Ti-83/84 calculators at the high school level to teach topics like advanced Functions and Calculus.

Texas Instruments has just revealed their next-gen graphing calculator, and it looks pretty impressive. Their new TI-Nspire series calculators boast several new features including the ability to 'grab-and-move' parts of a graph in real time, and display up to 4 different windows concurrently on an improved greyscale screen. The base TI-Nspire calculator will also feature a snap-on Ti-83/84 keypad so you can match keystrokes with kids (or teachers) who aren't lucky enough to have one. TI is also planning a suite of Windows/Mac software for TI-Nspire, allowing you to interface your calculator with computers at home and in the classroom.

TI-Nspire is set to hit store shelves right around back to school time, just in time for parents or kids to get a hold of one for all that homework.

View: TI-Nspire

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