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Thank Microsoft for autocorrect

Here's a fun fact for this week: Microsoft are responsible for one of the most useful features of modern word processors and touchscreen keyboards.

Microsoft Word 6.0 first included a feature called AutoCorrect, boasting that it could "easily correct capital letters" and even "correct your common misspellings" if you choose to customize the software to your liking. You'll never type "teh" again as Word 6.0 would automatically correct the typo.

This was way back in 1993, a long time before devices such as the iPhone started penetrating the market, requiring autocorrect to combat some of the issues associated with using a touchscreen keyboard. Word 6.0's implementation of the technology was a bit more primitive and less aggressive than what you'll find now, but it was just the first iteration of the helpful tool.

So just remember when you're sending a text to one of your mates that Microsoft first thought of the idea.

Via: BuzzFeed | Image via BuzzFeed

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