The best theories for Sinofsky's exit

When Steven Sinofsky announced his departure from Microsoft late yesterday, reports quickly began to circulate that he left either because he was difficult to work with or because Microsoft was unhappy with Windows 8's direction. 

While those reports are possible, it's also possible Sinofsky left for other, more mysterious reasons. Here are just a few of the theories that attempt to dissect the real reason for Sinofsky's exit.

One theory regarding the supposedly mutual split was quickly debunked by our own Andy Weir.

TechCrunch's MG Siegler found out the Lakers have hired Sinofsky instead of Phil Jackson.

While others were theorizing why Sinofsky left, one man made suggested it could make for a potentially seismic shake-up in the tech industry.

Yet another theory is that Forstall and Sinofsky are actually joining forces to combine their signature styles.

...or perhaps Sinofsky was forced out because Microsoft was just following Apple's lead, Walt Mosspuppet believes.

According to Business Insider's Steve Kovach, Sinofsky may merely be leaving to focus more time on his true passion: skateboarding.

Chris Ziegler of The Verge recalls Sinofksy's exit a little differently, however.

Peter Bright of Arstechnica thinks the outcome of a recent political race could have sealed Sinofsky's fate.

Neowin's former senior news editor Brad Sams, now the operator of Winsyde, believes the timing of Sinofsky's exit is oddly coinciding with a recent game launch.

Perhaps the best theory for the Sinofsky/Microsoft split came from Tom Restman. 


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