The Edge Dev channel is now available on macOS

The new Chromium-based Edge was first made available for Windows 10 users a few weeks ago, but it wasn't until last month that Microsoft brought the pre-release versions to macOS users as well. However, that initial release was still limited just to the Canary channel, whereas those on Windows can choose between the Canary and Dev channels.

That changes today, as Microsoft has announced that Mac users can now test a more stable version of Edge by downloading the Dev channel variant from the Edge Insider website. This release also brings dark mode to users on macOS, so your eyes can finally rest when you're using Microsoft's browser. Just like on Windows, not quite every element of the browser's interface is dark, with things such as the settings page still being very bright, but Microsoft says that will change over the coming weeks.

As previously noted, the majority of the features in the Windows 10 version of Edge will also come to Apple's OS, with the obvious exclusion of things such as IE mode. Microsoft is also working on macOS-exclusive features, such as support for the Touch Bar on the recent MacBook Pro models.

Of course, it's not really clear when the general public will be able to use the new browser, since there's no indication that even a beta release will be coming soon. Most likely, Microsoft wants to make sure that the browser is fully ready for public consumption before taking any big steps.

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