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The MRV is NASA's remote driving electric vehicle

Last year, Google unveiled its self-driving vehicle prototype at "Code Conference" in California. Although an interesting concept, it presented a fairly dull glimpse of the future. Interestingly, it looks like NASA has also been busy working on a remote driving vehicle, and some of its features are quite exciting.

The Modular Robotic Vehicle (MRV) is a battery-powered electric vehicle that features a full drive-by-wire system. But what makes the vehicle unique is its inclusion of four independent wheel modules that have 180 degrees of steering actuation. The MRV also has liquid-cooled in-wheel motors that provide the most efficient and effective means of propulsion. Although the four independent wheel modules would be impressive on its own, the MRV also has the capability for remote driving.

Although this vehicle will most likely never see a commercial release, it is interesting to see NASA's take on an electric vehicle. While electric vehicles currently only making up a small segment of the auto market, a few companies have pushed the technology commercially over the past few years. Tesla has also been a huge proponent with Apple rumored to be throwing its hat in the ring in the near future.

Source: NASA via SlashGear

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