The Netherlands confirmed for Civilization VI's upcoming expansion

It could be that Firaxis is planning to unveil a civilization per week for its upcoming Civilization VI expansion, Rise and Fall. Just a week after announcing Korea, the developer today revealed the Netherlands as another one of the eight new civilizations heading for the game with the expansion.

Leading the Netherlands and arriving with the unique leader ability, Radio Oranje, is Queen Wilhemena. This ability yields extra loyalty (new Rise and Fall expansion mechanic) for any trade routes that point towards cities within the civilization, while giving additional culture when trading with foreign cities.

Polders arrive as the Netherlands' unique improvement. Constructed on water tiles by builders, Polders supply players with food, production, as well as housing, with even more bonuses being unlocked with civics and technologies. However, building a polder requires adjacent land tiles, and Firaxis hasn't revealed how many just yet.

The Netherlands' national ability, Grote Rivieren, actually provides two benefits. First, all Campuses, Industrial Zones, and Theatre Squares that are built next to rivers get adjacency bonuses. Second, constructing Harbor Districts captures neighboring tiles around it.

And lastly, the new civilization's unique unit is 'De Zeven Provinciƫn', a warship that is capable of dealing damage over longer distances and arrives with increased combat strength. These ships also get an additional attack whenever they are firing upon defensible districts.

Anyone interested in taking the Netherlands out for a spin in Civilization VI will have to purchase the upcoming Rise and Fall expansion, which is slated to land on February 8 and is available for pre-order on Steam now for $29.99.

Source: Civilization

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