The real reason Apple updated the iPhone OS

When Apple released their update for the iPhone, most assumed that it was a general bug fix.  But, if you dig a bit deeper, there are some major security holes that are now plugged with the new update. 

Referring to an Apple support page, the page details some of the major bug fixes that could have allowed malicious code to be executed on the iPhone.  Apple specifically states that certain MP4 files, Tiff images and FTP sites could allow “arbitrary code execution”.  There was also a fix to a bug where a user with “physical access to a locked device may be able to access the user's data”.

Such exploits, if executed, could have been detrimental to a user’s data.  Corporations, specifically, are always looking for the most robust platform to keep their employees connected and still that title goes to Blackberry.  But, with Apple targeting the corporate business model too; it may not be too long before we see some companies adopt Apple’s iPhone. 

While it is always encouraging to see Apple patch bugs, it still goes to show that even Apple is prone to major security threats.  As the iPhone platform has grown exponentially, it is becoming a larger target for hackers. 

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