The Ship Free Weekend - Full Steam Ahead

Just a head's up for anyone who missed my news post the other day. Outerlight's MMT (massively mysterious thriller) The Ship has begun the free weekend event on Valve's Steam service.

You can play the entire game, all game modes, all maps until November 5th at 1PM PDT. If you haven't done so already, just load up the game in Steam, you should get a "Steam Update" window popup that will give you the chance to do so. Load it up, and go kill people. With a flare gun? Maybe a large umbrella? Or perhaps watch someone not take care of themselves to well, and turn to ashes because they didn't drink something!

Also I'd like to add that as of this very moment at 6:30 PM EDT The Ship currently has 1,442 players according to Gamespy's stats. That's awesome guys, I'm very glad this game is finally getting the players in, even if it is only for a few days - hopefully a few of you will decide the game is worth supporting and getting and you will buy it.

Link: The Ship on Steam

*Updated - Added current player stats!

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