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The world and his dog tells ATI we want crossfire now

It seems ATI has been having a hard time of late. With Nvidia taking a big slice of market share from ATI with SLI, ATI came back with an announcement of Crossfire its own take on SLI.

Of course lets not forget ATI originally did a Microsoft/Internet aka. its not needed/not one wants it. Until ATI saw the extremely positive response Nvidia got with SLI.

So what went wrong with everyone's love affair with ATI? When the 9700/9800 series came out it was hailed as a Nvidia killer and indeed the Geforce FX did die a slow painful death.

But Nvidia with its acquisition of 3DFX hit the ground running with its expertise with dual and quad graphics core technology. Leaving ATI playing catch up, and it has been doing ever since.

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