There's yet another SKU of Windows 10 on the way

If you thought that Windows 10 SKUs were going to be simple, you'd be wrong. Yet another one is on the way, in the form of Windows 10 Enterprise for Remote Sessions. Spotted by Tero Alhonen (via Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet), it's actually included in the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview ISO images, which were released a few days ago.

In Mary Jo Foley's report, she says that she had heard that Microsoft was planning to offer multiple solutions for remote desktop access. Enterprise users continue to get what they already have, but Tero Alhonen said that he could run 10 remote sessions on the new SKU of the OS.

It seems likely that we'll hear more about Windows 10 Enterprise for Remote Sessions later on this year. Being that it's already being included in Insider ISOs, it should be on track for Redstone 5 development, so it could be out this fall alongside of the next feature update to Windows 10.

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