This is how a Google self-driving car sees the world

Google is in the process of refining its self-driving automobiles and what was once considered the future, is quickly becoming a reality. To help drive these vehicles, Google has equipped them with cameras and if you have been curious as to what these cars can see, take a look at the image above.

While the idea of self-driving cars might seem a bit scary, the reality is that the computers are likely a lot smarter than you. For instance, the cameras are always looking 360 degrees, something we humans cannot do. In addition, your current car (if it is a newer model) is likely  using a ‘drive by wire’ system meaning everything from throttle input to steering is a digital process, not analog like the machines of the past.

While the image above does show quite a few details about what the vehicles can see, they are far from perfect. The self-driving cars are currently having issues when it snows as they cannot see the lines of the road and the snow masks the shape of typical objects (lights/signs could be blocked).

Still, the first step of creating self-driving cars is well underway and Google is clearly making solid progress in this department. But questions still remain: when will consumers adopt and trust the platform, and will the vehicles be able to reduce accidents and traffic jams?

Source: BI

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