This Windows 11X concept envisions Microsoft's next generation operating system

A Windows 11X Concept

Remember Windows 10X? The operating system (once leaked) should have brought several interesting ideas to the aging Windows 10 and ignited a series of new device form factors, such as the Surface Neo (rest in peace). Microsoft canceled Windows 10X in 2021, but some of its quirks and features have made it to Windows 11, for better or worse. Now the software giant is working on a next-generation Windows version. We do not know its name or its features, but this does not stop enthusiasts from envisioning what could Windows 12 or 11X bring.

A couple of months ago, we discussed one Windows "12" concept and some fascinating ideas it offers. Now it is time to look at Windows "11X".

AR 4789, the video creator, has decided to take Windows 11 and improve its existing features without radical overhauls (although you can spot a rounded taskbar, which supposedly will arrive in Windows "12"). The most notable change is the Start menu which swaps the recommended section for Windows Widgets. One might argue that such an implementation is significantly better than the current Windows Widgets in their dedicated space.

A Windows 11X Concept

In addition to placing widgets in the area where users are most likely to use them, Windows "11X" envisions allowing moving widgets to the desktop. There is also a unified notification center with quick settings, quick actions for notifications, and a compact File Explorer.

A Windows 11X Concept

Another thing that caught our eye is the return of the long-forgotten tablet mode with a full-screen Start menu and applications. In addition, being a successor to the now-dead Windows 10X, the concept offers optimizations for dual-screen devices (albeit those "optimizations" are a bit scarce).

A Windows 11X Concept

As a cherry on top, AR 4789 imagines an operating system that works well on older systems (probably not as old as the one shown in the video) and without requirements for TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot. Many users despise Windows 11 due to its steep hardware requirements, so a new operating system with a lower entry point will be great.

Of course, videos like this have nothing to do with the upcoming Windows upgrade, but they show what users want Microsoft to consider in future upgrades. The company could borrow several ideas from such concepts and deliver a more compelling product or improve Windows 11.

What do you think about Windows "11X?" Let us know in the comments.

via BetaNews

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