Three launches ‘Go Binge' unlimited streaming service

The UK carrier, Three, has announced new 'Go Binge' data plans which give customers the freedom to stream TV shows and music. Some of the streaming services which are included in the Go Binge unlimited streaming bundle include Netflix, TVPlayer, Deezer, and SoundCloud.

In its announcement, Three wrote:

“Go Binge is in response to the UK’s obsession with keeping up with the latest and most fashionable series’ no matter what the consequences, even if that means missing a social engagement or ‘cheat-watching’ on their partner. Three undertook an extensive period of consumer research and in-depth trend analysis to develop an unrivalled understanding of consumer’s mobile streaming behaviours.”

The Go Binge offer will be available with select mobile contracts and using data for these services won’t count towards your monthly data cap. One catch with the offer is that you’ll have to fork over slightly more that you’re currently paying according to the fine print accompanying the carrier's announcement. Another drawback to the new offer is that it flies in the face of the concept of net neutrality, and could normalise preferential restrictions levied by your ISP.

Three has not announced pricing for the new offer just yet but the option will be will be available for “Advanced” subscribers with a 4GB or higher data allowance.

Source: Three

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