Tomb Raider II is making a comeback with an impressive fan remake using Unreal Engine 4

Crystal Dynamics' Tomb Raider reboot and its subsequent sequel have been critically successful, however, for better or for worse, the gameplay is a far cry from the originals. While it's possible to just play the classic games to experience them again without issues, for the most part, the graphics have certainly not held up well.

A fan project is trying to remedy this by remaking 1997's Tomb Raider II with the title, 'Tomb Raider The Dagger Of Xian'. Taking it a step further, the remake is using Unreal Engine 4, leading to some superb visuals, as seen in the comparison shots on the left.

Quite a number of people have contributed to the project, with its own music composer, a new voice actress for Lara Croft, a host of QA testers, and more. The full list of contributors is available to read on the project's website.

The remake's release date is still a mystery, but for those who want to try it out, the project's director, Nicobass, has released a demo that is available for download here. Tomb Raider games seem quite popular with fan projects, with a modder even managing to run 1996's original Tomb Raider on a browser.

Source: TombRaider-Dox via Kotaku | Images: TombRaiderDox (Facebook), TombRaider-Dox

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