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TorrentSpy Blocks Searches From US Visitors

In what appears to be a preventative measure to protect its users, popular Bittorrent search site TorrentSpy has begun to block all search from US visitors, starting today. The site has been caught up in a lawsuit in which the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) demanded that TorrentSpy hand over all user info stored in its servers' RAM. Although the site does not currently store log any user data, a court could compel the site to keep all server logs; concern over the lawsuit and user privacy has prompted this recent action.

TorrentSpy owner Justin Bunnell explained to TorrentFreak that: "We must comply with European Union privacy laws and turning off USA traffic was the only way to guarantee that protection for our users. It is not something with a time limit." The search restriction seems to be a permanent measure. Given that over 15% of TorrentSpy's visitors are US residents, blocking them off for good could be a disaster for the site. When TorrentFreak asked Justin how he thinks this will affect the future of TorrentSpy, he responded: "Whatever future awaits, the innovations of peer-to-peer technology and the jobs and opportunities it creates will take place outside of the USA."

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