Touchless controls and curved displays could arrive on future iPhones

The iPhone X brought about some interesting changes for users, requiring them to utilize gestures, instead of the home button, which had been featured on so many of Apple's devices. It looks like things will advance further if a new report is to be believed, as Apple could implement touchless gesture controls and might even add a curved screen for future iPhone handsets.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is working on a way that would allow users to interact with the phone without actually touching the display. This would allow for certain tasks to be performed just by hovering their finger over the display. Unfortunately, this isn't something you will be seeing just yet, as it is still at least a couple years away and will still need final approval.

The firm could also introduce a handset with a curved display. Unlike Samsung's that has curves on the edges, Apple's would "curve inward gradually from top to bottom" according to the source. Currently, the iPhone X does have a curve, but cannot be seen since the display wraps under the bottom bezel. It will be interesting to see what kind of advancements Apple makes over the coming years. There is a rumor that it will be expanding its notch display to its other handsets this year.

Source: Bloomberg

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