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Turn 10 says it will use player feedback to make many improvements to Forza Motorsport

Forza Motorsport

Forza Motorsport, the soft reboot of Microsoft's long-running racing sim game series, launched in October. Since then, the game's development team at Turn 10 has released two free content updates for the game, along with a number of hot fixes and patches.

However, many long-time Forza Motorsport players have posted word online there are some features in the new game that they feel need changes and improvements. In a blog post this week, Turn 10 stated that it has heard feedback on three specific areas in the game that it plans to address during 2024.

The first is the game's car progression system. Turn 10 says while some players like the current system for upgrading their vehicles, others feel that "it isn’t delivering the upgrade experience that they expect from Forza Motorsport." Turn 10 says that it will be making some changes to this upgrade progression, while also keeping what players like about it. This is a "top priority" for Turn 10, but it added that it may take a little while to decide on the improvements, and then to make code changes and test those changes before the improvements are released.

The second issue Turn 10 plans to address is the game's race regulations. Some players have been hit with "inconsistent or unfair penalties" in Forza Motorsport for various track infractions, like being pushed off the track, high-speed collisions, and more. The team says it will be getting data on these issues with the help of other Forza Motorsport racers so the race regulations and their penalties are handled fairly.

Finally, the team has received feedback from players that the game's AI drivers can do some odd things, like braking too hard on certain courses, following the typical racing lines too strictly and more. Turn 10 says it will be making changes so those AI drivers are not as aggressive on the track.

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